The Dive Shop

page2-img3About our Shop

We have the staff knowledge to find the right equipment for you. With a combined 70 years of experience in the industry we have seen it all. We will assist you in finding the proper equipment for your diving needs. Underworld takes pride in your satisfaction, so we will strive to discuss all the options available to you; sizes, colours, prices to fit your style, budget and diving needs. The online guys don’t do that.


Underworld Scuba and Sport brings you Scuba Gear and Professional Service all in a one stop shop. We offer a huge range of Scuba Diving Equipment, Snorkeling Equipment, Swimming Gear and Under Water Camera’s and photography gear. From well known brands such as Oceanic, TUSA, WaterProof, Cressi Sub, Apollo, Hollis, GoPro, Aeris, Alpha Diving, Princeton Tec, TUSA Sport, Ocean Pro, Lavacore, Shark shield, Sola Lights, GoPro, UnderWater Kinetics, Minelab Excalibur II, Apollo Sea Scooters, Green Force Torches, Sea life Camera’s, Sea and Sea Camera’s and Strobes, Olympus camera’s, Salvimar, Omer Spear fishing, Rob Allen, Immersion, Ocean Hunter, JBL Spear Guns, SOLA Lights, Intova, Pro Blue, Spare Air, H2O, Discount Faber scuba tanks, Dive Right, Tusa Sport, Tusa View Swimming, Ugly Fish Sun Glasses, Scuba Diving Books, UltraLight camera arms, Backscatter Flip Magic Filter for GoPro Dive Housing and many more.


Servicing your equipment is part of your safety and no one has the experience we have. With Underworld Scuba & Sport’s 21 years of service experience and with over 2,000 regulators serviced, who are you going to trust your equipment to?



Travel with us and find your paradise. Bontaire mines, tropical destinations or let us know where you want to go and we will get you there. Join us on one of our dive destination trips. Not certified? No problem. Our instructors can certify you along the way. Is warm water in your future? We can offer you snorkeling packages, vests and lessons for every skill level.