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UNDERWORLD Scuba & Sport benefits from the services and skills of the following highly qualified and experienced individuals:

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Tessa Diack     email Tessa
Tessa Diack       Tessa owns and operates UNDERWORLD Scuba & Sport, and is the resident guru on all things organizational. From planning every pool session, to ordering equipment and arranging rentals, Tess seems to always be on top of things.

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Dave Alderson - PADI 201,537     email Dave (Underworld)   OR   email Dave (AOL)
Dave Alderson       Dave is our Store Manager and resident Tech Diving expert. With a wealth of practical experience in both recreational and commercial diving, he also has the answers when it comes to gear and gear maintenance, and routinely teaches the PADI Equipment Specialist course in-store.

Dave is qualified at the PADI Instructor Level to teach just about any PADI course or specialty you care to name, and he will be happy to share his digital underwater photo collection with an audience.

One of his most interesting experiences was as part of the specialized recovery team chosen to raise one of the few existing Fokker aircraft from Lake Charron, in mid-July 2006 (see the Ghost of Charron Lake story).

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Tony Doucet
 Tony Doucet       Tony can often be found behind the counter, consulting with students on course questions, and helping customers choose the best equipment for their needs. He is also usually involved with just about any and all logistics relating to pool sessions and lake dives.

Tony was bitten by the scuba bug shortly before retiring, and rapidly moved through the various PADI recreational diver levels, to Rescue and eventually Master Scuba Diver in 2005. He is currently a candidate in the PADI Divemaster program, and is frequently at the lake assisting instructors with students as they complete their required PADI Open Water dives.

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Greg Matthew - PADI 200,229     email Greg
Greg Matthew       Certified as a diver in 1982, then as a an instructor/divemaster in 1983, Greg holds the distinction of being a PADI Course Director, and is also an EFR Instructor Trainer. He is qualified to teach the following PADI Specialties (for Consumers, and as an Instructor Trainer): Night, Navigation, Nitrox, Wreck, Drysuit, Equipment, Search and Recovery, Boat, Research, AED for Divers, O2 for Divers, Hazardous Marine Life Injuries.

Greg also teaches DAN Specialties (for Consumers and as an Instructor Trainer) as follows: AED for Divers, O2 for Divers, Hazardous Marine Life Injuries, O2 for Aquatics, Advanced O2, Diving Emergency Specialist.

He enjoys all types of diving, especially deep diving and wreck diving, and is working with UNDERWORLD to expand the opportunities available for divers and diving instructors to further their knowledge and capabilities.

One of Greg's most interesting experiences as a diver was as one of two divers that made a dive to the bottom of West Hawk Lake on September 2, 2001 (televised on "Planet Ocean"). At 365’ deep it is the deepest lake in Manitoba. The two year process of training and planning for this dive remains one of his most challenging and interesting diving experiences. When not diving, Greg is a Computer science teacher at St. Paul’s High School. He is married, with a daughter born in 1997.

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George Bush - PADI Instructor 208,174
George Bush       George has, at one time or another, been an Instructor of most water sports including: canoeing, kayaking, Red Cross Water Safety, Instructor Trainer, Royal Life Saving Society, Water Polo, Canadian Yachting Association, Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue, PADI, and ACUC SCUBA Instructor to name a few.

He is currently instructing at the University of Winnipeg, as a Department of Education and Research associate with the University of Manitoba.

George has dived most of the Caribbean including Aruba, Bonaire, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Mexico, as well as Cape Cod, Monterrey, Bruce Peninsula, and British Columbia. His favorite dive site was Cozumel until Hurricane Wilma (October 2005), so for now it is Browning Passage, British Columbia.

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Chris Doole - PADI Instructor 209,077     email Chris
Chris Doole       Doole’s first underwater experience was 45 years ago, when he tied an empty garden hose to a tree and took the other end to the bottom of a neighbor’s swimming pool. At that moment however, he also learned about the unpleasant side effects of pressure differential, and was forced to surface hastily.

Today, as a PADI Open Water Instructor, he happily tries to infect others with his life-long fascination for water. The most fascinated he ever became was during a dive in Galapagos, when the group he was with encountered a school of more than fifty strangely sociable whitetip sharks.

However, Chris finds that there is something remarkable about every dive, and that today’s gear surpasses the original garden hose in nearly every way.

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Terri Fordham - PADI Instructor 209,793
Terri Fordham       Terri was certified as a diver in 2001, then as an Instructor/Divemaster in 2004, and is also qualified as an EFR Instructor. She enjoys Night and Wreck Diving, with British Columbia and the Cook Islands ranking high in her favorite destinations. Her plans include qualification as a commercial diver by the end of 2006, and maybe working in a warmer climate for a while.

One of Terri's most interesting experiences as a diver was jumping into the water right next to a reef shark in Cairns, Australia. She has also enjoyed the experience of being entertained for an entire dive by the singing of humpback whales.

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Don Kowalski - PADI Instructor 205,890     email Don
Don Kowalski       Don was certified as an Open Water Diver in 1989, a PADI Divemaster and Open Water Instructor in 1986/87, as an IANTD (International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers) Nitrox Instructor in 2000 and as a PADI MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer) in 2002. He is able to teach the following specialty dives: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night, Wreck, Deep, Project Aware, Aware Coral Reef Conservation, Enriched Air, Dry Suit, Multilevel, Underwater Videographer, Ice, Medic First Aid, and has a distinctive specialty in Oxygen First Aid. Don is also a member and Instructor for the DAN (Divers’ Alert Network) Oxygen First Aid for Aquatic Injuries and is a qualified First Responder.

When not involved in the diving industry, Don is a high school automotive and electronics instructor with the Winnipeg School Division #1. His love of diving started when he taught teacher training workshops in Guyana and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and he found himself enjoying the coral rich waters of the Caribbean during his leisure hours.

Don’s most memorable dive was on the wreck of the SS Yongala, a luxury passenger ship that sank near Townsville, Australia in 1911. He is looking forward to retirement from school teaching so that he can travel and play a more active role in dive training, both locally and in more exotic locations.

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Ric Remillard
Ric Remillard        

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Peter A. Toth - PADI MSDT 210,272
Peter A. Toth       Peter was certified as a diver in 2001, then as an Instructor/Divemaster in 2004, and is qualified as an EFR Instructor, including EFR for Children. He also teaches specialties for Night Diving, Search & Recovery, Navigation, Deep Diving, Dry Suit and Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver. Peter has completed the specialties for Ice Diving and Tec Diving Level Two. His plans include obtaining the qualifications to be a Tec Instructor.

Strangely enough, Peter enjoys diving in deep, dark, cold water, and particularly enjoys the experience of discovering just how much life actually exists on the bottom of what appears to be a "lifeless" fresh water lake (patience and a keen eye help, he says).

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Rob Eaton - PADI Assistant Instructor 210,931
Rob Eaton       Rob likes diving in any conditions, cold or warm water, daytime, night time, 24/7. He got his Open Water Certification in 2003 and his first dive after that, proving that some divers are a bit hard-core, was at Cameron's Point.... In December.... In a wet suit.

In about 18 months , he became a Divemaster, going on from there to the next IDC. Rob enjoys helping to introduce new divers to the underwater world, as well as diving with the more experienced ones, and is usually up for just about anything dive related.

Rob has had many memorable diving experiences, inculding diving with sharks and barracuda in Cozumel, finding himself face to face with an octopus near Puerto Plata, involuntarily feeding the fish near Playa del Carmen, and diving the quartz vein at Westhawk, but his most memorable diving experience probably was diving the Cenotes near Playa del Carmen. His experiences in Playa and Cozumel led Rob to decide he wanted to be a Scuba Instructor when he grew up. Rob is also looking forward to getting enough specialty certifications to get his Master Scuba Diver rating.

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Jeffrey Sadler - PADI 205,323
Jeffrey Sadler       Jeffrey became first certified in 1983, and became a Divemaster/Assistant Instructor in 1996. He enjoys exploratory diving at night or daytime, and also enjoys instructional diving with students. He plans to continue to hone his skills by working with students as a PADI Assistant Instructor, by taking additional training, and by visiting new dive locations.

Jeffrey lists diving the HMS MacKenzie (off Vancouver Island) and Stingray City (Grand Cayman) among his most interesting experiences.

Outside of diving, Jeffrey is Inside Sales Manager with Norscan Instruments Ltd.

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George Cuthbertson
George Cuthbertson        

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Derek Plas - PADI Divemaster 210,677
Derek Plas       Derek took his Open Water Certification in the fall of 2003 and progressed to the level of Divemaster with Underworld Scuba and Sport in two years.

Derek has completed his Rescue Diver, Ice Diver, Enriched Air Diver, and Wreck Diver specialities. He is working on finishing his Underwater Propulsion Vehicle and Deep Diver specialties to complete the PADI Master Scuba Diver program.

When not diving, Derek works as a sales representative for a large international security company. He is married and has two elementary school aged children.

His favorite dive site so far has been the HMCS Saskatchan and HMCS Cape Breton shipwrecks in Nanaimo BC. On the 5th day of diving there was outstanding visibility and the divers could see almost all of the old destroyer from 100' above it. The destroyer was so covered with life and creatures that it almost glowed in the light. Everyone in the group was diving on enriched air (nitrox) and had more bottom time on the wreck. However, on his next dive trip he will probably have to take his wife someplace warm - perhaps the Island of Bonaire!

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Joe Gaudry - PADI Divemaster 205,793
Joe Gaudry       Joe was first certified as an Open Water Diver in 1994, and completed his Divemaster in 1996. He has also completed the Ice Diver Specialty.

Joe enjoys wreck diving of any type, as well warmer southern destinations in the Caribbean. His plans include more time diving recreationally, specifically exploring Southern Manitoba and North-Western Ontario.

One of Joe's most interesting experiences was during a night dive in Kenora, Ontario on a shipwreck called the Mather. Spotting what appeared to be a dead 2 to 3 pound walleye laying in a crevice off the stern, Joe carefully lifted the fish from the bottom, shining his lantern into its eyes. Joe's partner - facing him with the fish between them - lightly tapped the rock bottom with a back-up light, waking the fish. The result was a split-second disappearance into the inky darkness surrounding them.

When not diving, Joe is an Airline Transport rated pilot (since 1980), and is presently employed with Transport Canada as an Inspector in the Civil Aviation Enforcement Branch. Married with two boys, Joe's love of diving must be infectious, as both sons are certified divers.

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