West Hawk Lake

At UNDERWORLD Scuba, the Open Water requirement of our Recreational Diving Courses is done at West Hawk Lake in Whiteshell Provincial Park.

As you learned in your Open Water academics, preparation is essential to safe and enjoyable diving, and reduces stress associated with an unfamiliar environment. With the information following, UNDERWORLD hopes to get you oriented to West Hawk so that you know where you're going, where to stay, and most importantly what to expect from a diving standpoint. We've even included an online West Hawk Lake Slide Show so that you get some idea of how things look before you even get there.

Distance & Directions Diving WHL References & Links

Distance and Directions

West Hawk Lake (we'll occasionally abbreviate it as WHL) is located in Manitoba's Whiteshell Provincial Park, east of Winnipeg on Highway No. 1. It is the primary locale in the province for scuba training, both recreational and instructional, as it has a fully developed townsite, campground, restaurants, hotels and all amenities you would want for a relaxing and convenient vacation.

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Diving WHL

In this section we have posted some additional guides to assist with getting your bearings at the lake. Please review the following points to get the most out of your training time:

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References & Links

Here are some additional sources of information on West Hawk Lake and the Whiteshell:

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